Executive Officers


President: Carrie Arnson

Email: president.gtcpc@gmail.com

Year: 4th

Major: Business with a Supply Chain Concentration and Minor in International Affairs

Numerous past involvements in CPC , such as Director of Formal Recruitment, Recruitment Counselor, Slating Committee, and Delegate.  Outside of CPC, Carrie is involved in Relay for Life.  She enjoys tie dye, cooking, and the general ATL food scene.


DSC_0253 (2).JPG

Executive vice president: Hannah Orr

Email: evp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Year: 4th

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Originally her chapter President.  Hannah enjoys yoga, hand-lettering, calligraphy, and bullet journaling.


Programming Vice President: Miwa Katamura

Email: pvp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Year: 4th

Major: Industrial Engineering with an Economic and Financial Systems concentration

Her involvement in CPC beginning as her chapter's Junior Panhellenic Delegate.  Miwa loves eating, travelling, painting, and photography.



Philanthropy Vice President: Ashley Fleck

Email: pvp.gtcpc@gmail.com


Recruitment Vice President: Emily Farrow

Email: rvp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Year: 4th

Major: Business concentrating in Supply Chain and Operations Management/ Pre-Health

Holding a position as a Scheller Business Ambassadors and pursuing a Pre-Health track, Emily is involved in the VIP: Pediatric Concussion Assessment Research and the Pre-Physician Assistant Club.  She also enjoys running, painting, and travelling.


Recruitment Programming Vice President: Natalie Schaeffer

Email: rpvp.gtcpc@gmail.com


IMG_7495 - fvp.gtcpc.JPG

Financial Vice President: Abby Rogstad

Email: fvp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Year: 3rd

Major: Business Administration Finance and Operations

Has always held a passion for finance, holding the position of finance assistant for her chapter.  Abby loves tennis and volunteering, especially at the Humane Society.



Communications Vice President: Poonam Patel

Email: cvp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Year: 3rd

Major: Civil Engineering

Serving as the CPC Homecoming Director, Poonam was equipped to take on the Communications VP role.  Poonam is also involved in Once Voice Atlanta.