Formal Recruitment


Registration for Formal Recruitment 2019 will open on April 10th, 2019.


There is a non-refundable fee to register which covers lunches for 3 days, a t-shirt, and other administrative costs of recruitment. A portion of all registration fees will go to CPC’s philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood.

  • Early Registration ($85) after April 10th

  • Regular Registration ($90): after June 1st

  • Late Registration ($95): after August 1st


Recruitment Kick-off

Thursday, August 15
Ferst Center (7 PM - 9:30 PM)


Day One:

Scholarship and Involvement Day

Friday, August 16
(8 AM - 6:30 PM)


Day Two:

Philanthropy and Finances Day

Saturday, August 17
(8 AM - 6 PM)

Day Three:

Sisterhood Day

Sunday, August 18
(7:30 AM - 3:30 PM)


Day Four:

Preferential Night

Monday, August 19
(5:30 PM - 11:30 PM)


Bid Day!

Tuesday, August 20
(3:30 PM - 7 PM)

*Times are subject to change

Unsure about registering? Please visit our FAQs to find out more information about recruitment.