Letters of Reccomendation

As a woman going through recruitment, you may have alumna or potentially active members of sororities submit recommendations on your behalf to her local Chapter on campus.

A recommendation can serve as your introduction to the sorority, so their members can get to know more about you before recruitment this fall. These official forms, which are unique to each individual sorority, are provided by the national organization for their alumnae members to fill out on behalf of potential new members.

Each Chapter will have information on how to submit recommendations posted on their individual websites, and Chapter addresses can be found under their individual pages on this website as well. If an address cannot be found, letters of recommendation can also be mailed to our office of Greek Affairs at  353 Ferst Drive Suite 141 before July 1st or 350 Ferst Drive NW, 2211 Student Center Commons, Atlanta, GA 30332-0285 after July 1st

At Georgia Tech, women going through recruitment are not required to submit letters of recommendation.  We do encourage women to thoroughly fill out the online recruitment registration form, so all the Chapters can get to know you before recruitment comes this fall.

If you have more questions about recommendations, please visit our FAQs to find out ways to contact us.