Georgia Tech Collegiate Panhellenic Council



By herself, she shines with potential and radiates possibilities. But when she plugs into a network of other supportive women, her confidence, strength, and capabilities are ignited. She is a Georgia Tech sorority woman. She isn’t like what you’ve seen in the movies. She isn’t confined by anyone’s expectations. She is powerful. Her sorority experience has catalyzed her abilities, and the support of her sisters charges her confidence fully. She is a Georgia Tech sorority woman. She is powerful.


EMPOWERED: The sorority community at Georgia Tech enhances the academic, social, and personal potential of each of its members. We believe in our women’s potential. We prepare our women for success as professionals. And we celebrate the unique and diverse gifts each of our women have to contribute to our global society.


CONFIDENT: The sorority community at Georgia Tech produces confident women with remarkable communication and leadership skills. An encounter with any of our chapters’ members will leave a lasting impression of a driven achiever who is poised to shape her future.


SUPPORTED: The sorority community at Georgia Tech supports its members as they experience the opportunities and challenges that college – and a dynamic career – throw at them. Throughout life, our members benefit from the feeling of always having a loving home full of sisters who care about them and believe in them.