Associate Member Recruitment Director: Dariya Atrsykhovska


Associate Member Recruitment Director helps coordinate all aspects of the associate member recruitment process in cooperation with the individual associate member chapter Recruitment Chairs and the Panhellenic Recruitment Vice President and Recruitment Programming Vice President. This director reviews the Associate Member Recruitment Rules, plans the Associate Member Recruitment Kickoff, and assists the Associate Member Chapters in advertising for recruitment.

Formal Recruitment Director: Nicolette Mehran


Formal Recruitment Director assists the Recruitment Vice President and Recruitment Programming Vice President in all Formal Recruitment Efforts. This director attendinds Council-wide Recruitment meetings and meetings with the Panhellenic advisor, designs the Pocket Guide to Recruitment for Potential New Members, plans Recruitment Kick-off, and assists with logistics during Formal Recruitment.

It Director: Gabriella rOdriguez


This woman is responsible for revamping and updating the CPC gatech website with photos, contact information, and Panhellenic forms. This will include formatting the website as a user-friendly hub for Panhellenic information in conjunction with the Communications VP. Knowledge or interest in web development or html is desired. She will also be responsible for keeping OrgSync updated.

Philanthropy director: Lillianne Daniels


Responsible for planning and organizing Greek-wide philanthropy and community service projects with all four councils. This woman will be responsible for planning new events and communicating with chapters’ Philanthropy Chairs to assist them in promoting their philanthropic events and efforts. She will also be responsible for planning at least one substantial fundraising event per semester. At least one of these events should pertain to the CPC philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood.


Merchandise Director: Maliha Manzoor

Responsible for the design of Panhellenic merchandise including but not limited to Circle of Sisterhood, Recruitment, and seasonal wear. This woman is responsible for acting as a liaison between CPC and chapter merchandise representatives to produce and deliver orders in a timely manner. Although not tasked with purchasing, the merchandise director may assist the Financial Vice President with keeping accurate and up-to-date records of orders.

Homecoming Director: Sarah Golden


This woman will work with the Student Center Program Council to plan events. She will be responsible for planning and funding CPC sponsored events throughout the week, such as Mock Rock and Banner contest. She will also act as a liaison between SCPC Homecoming committee, IFC Homecoming chair, and the Panhellenic community. This director should attend the majority of Homecoming events throughout the week. However, she may not participate in Homecoming.


Environmental Initiatives/ GNA Director: Zoe Holderness


This woman will serve as the Panhellenic Chair of the Greek Neighborhood Homeowner’s Association in collaboration with the Interfraternity Council GNA Chairman and attend all related meetings. .She will also be responsible for representing CPC to the Greek Recycling Council and Earth Day Committee and attending all related meetings. This woman should be highly interested in increasing Greek recycling initiatives and should plan to increase and create recycling opportunities within chapter houses, along with encouraging Game Day Recycling participation

Scholarship Director: FITH fALLON


Responsible for keeping Panhellenic women up-to-date with all scholarship opportunities, both on campus and from CPC. She should assist the Financial Vice President with grading CPC scholarship applications and planning a financial education program. Additionally, she should collaborate with the Interfraternity Council to plan an event such as a faculty thank you luncheon, scholarship banquet, or All Greek Tutoring program



Risk Management Director: Sydney White


Responsible for planning Greek Peer Education in collaboration with the other council’s respective counterparts for all new members of the Greek Community. This woman should plan educational and alternative programming for students as a means of education and risk mitigation.

Promotions Director: Mary-Catherine Bryant


Responsible for keeping the Panhellenic Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter account updated as well as sending out a monthly newsletter. The Publications Director may assist the Recruitment Programming Vice President in Recruitment marketing efforts with the creation of FASET materials and the Guide to Greek Life.