Frequently Asked Questions


What is CPC?

CPC stands for the Collegiate Panhellenic Council and refers to the governing body of the sororities here at Georgia Tech. CPC oversees Formal Recruitment along with many programming events throughout the year.

How many sororities does Georgia Tech have?

We have 8 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters and 2 associate chapters. The associate chapters do not participate in Formal Recruitment, as they hold their own recruitment events later in the semester. More information on each of these chapters can be found under the "Chapters" tab on this website.

What is a PNM?

PNM stands for Potential New Member and refers to any woman who is not currently affiliated with a sorority but is eligible to join.

What is Formal Recruitment?

Formal Recruitment is the process in which women contemplating joining a sorority have the opportunity to learn more about different chapters on campus. The week begins with a kickoff event where you will meet other PNMs, as well as your Recruitment Counselors for the week. Kickoff is followed by 4 days of formal recruitment during which women will have the opportunity to meet women from each of the 8 NPC chapters. Formal Recruitment leads up to Bid Day, the final day of recruitment on which a woman may receive an invitation to join a certain chapter.

If I decide to go through Formal Recruitment, will I have anyone to help me through the process?

Yes. Every PNM will have two Recruitment Counselors leading their group throughout the week. Recruitment Counselors are sorority women who have been trained and have temporarily disaffiliated (separated themselves from their own chapters) in the interest of helping PNMs make well-informed and unbiased decisions during Recruitment.

If I go through Formal Recruitment, am I required to join a sorority?

No. Going through Formal Recruitment does not involve any sort of commitment to joining a sorority. You may withdraw from Recruitment at any time.

How do I know if CPC has received my online registration form?

You should receive a confirmation email once you click “Submit” when registering online. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please email You will also receive an emailed receipt for your registration fees when paid.

Are Letters of Recommendation required? 

As a woman going through recruitment, you may have alumna or potentially active members of sororities submit recommendations on your behalf to her local Chapter on campus.

A recommendation can serve as your introduction to the sorority, so their members can get to know more about you before recruitment this fall. These official forms, which are unique to each individual sorority, are provided by the national organization for their alumnae members to fill out on behalf of potential new members.

Each chapter will have information on how to submit recommendations posted on their individual websites, and chapter addresses found under their individual pages on this website as well.  If an address cannot be found, letters of recommendation can also be mailed to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life: 350 Ferst Drive NW, 2211 Student Center Commons, Atlanta, GA 30332-0285.

At Georgia Tech, women going through recruitment are not required to submit letters of recommendation.  We do encourage women to thoroughly fill out the online recruitment registration form, so all the Chapters can get to know you before recruitment comes this fall.

If you have more questions about recommendations please contact us.

How can I stay up to date on Recruitment information? What if I have more questions?

Recruitment Counselors and CPC Executive Board Officers will be tabling at each of the FASET student organization fairs for incoming first year and transfer students. There will also be multiple Greek Life 101 presentations at each FASET session where we will talk about the benefits of joining a Greek organization. Exact times and locations will be distributed in the FASET schedule when you arrive to campus for orientation. You can also join the Georgia Tech Panhellenic Recruitment Facebook group. A few of our Executive Officers and Recruitment Counselors will be answering questions and posting information in the group all summer, so please post questions you have here!

Where can I find more information about the 10 Chapters? What should I wear? What is the schedule for each day?

All of this information is located in our Ramblin' Recruitment Guide! The guide is available on the Guides page under the Recruitment tab.